GPDR PROJECT, Millennium Bug or SOX?

XDanielx [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

I have talked to many colleagues from the legal and audit environment about similarities between the current time and the year 1999 when the corporate world was around the Millennium Bug. Well, as this theme warms here in Brazil and consolidates in Europe, I think that everything is more for the compliance movement Sarbanes and Oxley (SOX) than for the Millennium Bug.

Who was manager or auditor in these periods should be having that same “déjà vu”. In my case, the feeling was latent and only when I stopped to reflect during the preparation for a course in which the students will use the BRAVO DPO did I realize the fact.

It is interesting how motor memory assumes control and we can associate points by understanding what to do based on this knowledge conquered with many errors and correctness. It is like recognizing a road through streets that have not been for years, but which are familiar almost on impulse.

I hope I can help my students and clients with this knowledge; will be a very interesting experience.

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